Proven Circles System™ methodology leads to high engagement

Built around best practices developed at organizations such as Harvard Business School, YPO and MIT Media Labs.

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The Circles peer learning process

Over the past few years, our team has digested the work of many thinkers and practitioners. We’ve run hundreds of circles ourselves. Our mission is to make it easy for millions of people to connect deeply and learn and grow together.

Teams that follow this process can experience a bit of what it feels like when a team is in a groove together. There are many descriptors of this feeling. Amy Edmondson calls it the “Learning Zone.”


Our best practices will familiarize you with the two most basic components of teamwork; what Amy calls accountability and psychological safety.

  • Accountability - on a team this means you can count on each other. You show up, you hold clear roles, you keep promises.

  • Psychological Safety - is when team members share equally and fully, offer their best ideas, and reveal their obstacles.

Our best practices guide offers tools that encourage people to do both: to share openly and to count on each other. To play from the heart, but on time. In our language, that’s when a team becomes a Circle.

The Circles platform reinforces these best practices without being preachy or overbearing. If you're interested in seeing the platform for yourself, why not give it a try now?

I’m guessing you believe, like we do, that the more people learn and grow, the better they become. I like to say that people, like plants, grow towards the light. And I’m guessing you also feel that teams solve the world’s biggest problems and the lone hero is a myth. So I thank you deeply for joining with us in our mission, doing this work with us.

Dan Hoffman
Founder and CEO

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