Why I Believe In Circles

With every passing day, technology makes it easier for humans to isolate themselves. Historically, we have relied on each other, on our community, to keep us alive—physically, emotionally, socially. The isolated cave man just wasn’t going to survive.

Now, we don’t even have to leave the house. We can hold a full-time job without ever setting foot in an office (as a freelance writer, I’m walking proof of this). We can have our food delivered to us with the press of a button. We don’t even have to get off the couch to pursue a mate (I’m lookin’ at you, Tinder).

I feel the disconnect. Ask yourself: When was the last time you had a conversation that really, truly mattered to you? One that made you think and evolve and progress? For me, it was a long time ago. Too long.

It’s a common complaint: “technology is destroying our ability to connect.” As a technology-based company, Circles turns that tired adage on its head.

It’s still true—we have more potential for isolation than ever before, but Circles instead is harnessing technology to make us more connected than ever before.

In a world where meaningful connections are few and far between, Circles makes these connections readily available and customizes them to your needs. I truly believe that using this platform to engage with others will lead to a more joyful, fulfilling life. Here’s why:

1. Because Geography Shouldn’t Dictate Relationships

One of the beautiful things about Circles is that there are no geographical limitations.

Our friendships shouldn’t be defined by where we live. Someone with the potential to change your life might be located hundreds of thousands of miles away, in a different country, struggling with the same challenges that are plaguing you. Circles breaks down these physical barriers, making it possible for people to discover more meaningful friendships that are rooted in common interests, not common location.

2. Because Our Friends Affect Our Actions

We are highly sensitive to the people with whom we spend our time. They can shape our habits and behaviors—from what we eat, to who we date, to how we approach our jobs.

When we surround ourselves with people who support and influence us in a positive way, our lives are better. When we create fruitful, meaningful connections with others, we are more inclined to be open and share honestly. The opportunity to live authentically in this way makes us happier. And the world could use more happy people.

3. Because Together, We Learn More

Throughout our educational careers, the importance of the classroom is rarely questioned. We are presented with ample opportunities to learn with our peers, to listen to their questions, to study together and engage in discussion. Most educational philosophies maintain that a social learning environment is vital to growth.

Self-proclaimed “independent learner” Peter Meyers is living proof of how social interaction can improve our learning experience. There is no reason to abandon this practice when we are no longer in school—we still learn best when we connect with others, but as professional adults, those social settings are more difficult to come by.

The support and social engagement that can be provided by a circle are critical to a holistic learning experience. Within a circle, growth and professional development are seen as a community endeavor, not a private one, making it more likely for members to succeed in their goals.

Your Choice

So, why should you join a circle? The answer to this question comes down to quality of life. How do you want to feel at the end of the day: isolated, unstimulated, and stagnated? Or connected, improved, and inspired?

If the latter sounds preferable, you have your answer.

You can’t do it alone. And, with Circles, you don’t have to.

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