Circles for B Corp Leaders

Over the past month I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with close to 100 leaders within the B Corp community, including candy makers, bankers, fish importers, tech giants, independent retailers and just about everything in between. I’ve also gotten familiar with some of the biggest challenges this community faces, like a desire to balance mission and profit, the need to build out efficient supply chains, experience in re-organizing around experimental management structures, and tips on how to fundraise. I have really been blown away with this community’s willingness to connect, to share their story, and to grow their businesses by forging more meaningful relationships.

So, first I would just like to say Thank You for meeting me! Second, it is with a great deal of excitement that I let you know Circles for B Corp Leaders is officially open! Our first circle will be launching this week and focusing on consumer facing products. We’ll also be launching circles for impact investors, community managers, teal management structures, retail operators, product managers and designers, hospitality entrepreneurs, and many many more.

So now I ask you to take the next step with us. Apply to join a circle (15 minutes). You can join an existing one or we can custom build one for you. Share with your teams (5 minutes). Circles shouldn’t just be for executives, everyone deserves to have a safe space where they can work through their biggest challenges. Or lastly, forward this note along to other leaders in the B Corp (2 minutes) and help us spread our mission to those who would appreciate it most. When we started Circles, we had a collective mission to connect the world through deeper conversations and more meaningful relationships. It was our belief that through these conversations we could help people like you unlock new stages of personal and professional growth. Today we are more confident in that mission than ever and are so excited to invite you to join us on this journey.

All the best,


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