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Made with ❤️ in Brooklyn & Barcelona

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Our platform reinforces peer learning best practices.

The only video platform designed
- from the ground, up -
to drive learning outcomes.

One-of-a-kind interface

Conversations, not presentations.

Most video conferencing platforms are designed for one-to-many presentations.


Circles is built for fostering deeper conversations through dialogue and an environment aimed at helping each other.

Who uses Circles

Square uses Circles to build a more collaborative and supportive culture.

Tetra Pak uses Circles to strengthen relationships for their top managers across the globe.

The Growth Institute uses Circles to add value to their students by adding ongoing peer support.

Cleveland Clinic uses Circles to run more efficient and engaging management meetings.

The Young President Organization uses Circles to create virtual forums.

Bionic uses Circles to develop their talent through peer learning.

See the platform for yourself
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