Our Guides

Circles utilizes a world-class team of Guides to deliver the Circles Peer Learning System.

Our Guides model facilitation rooted in our 3T - the three types of trust inherent in our experience: Psychological Safety, Accountability, and Shared Purpose.

From diverse backgrounds, our independent contractor Guides train peer groups to have agency in their journey by delivering the first two sessions, infusing structure with vulnerability, all in the name of shared objectives of learning with and from peers that participants come to know and trust.

Circles believes in depth of relationship, so our peer circles typically have 6-8 members.  Our Guides are critical for setting the expectation that every voice be heard, harvesting a diversity of experiences, and turning the meeting’s camaraderie into behavior change once the session closes.

Our Guides launch circles well, then stay close as each circle rotates facilitation.

Circles Certified Guides complete live training with our Lead Guide, building new tools while practicing the Circles approach, and making the most of their existing skill sets.


Think you would make for a great Guide? Learn more here.

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