"People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers."

Circles helps you build team trust.
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Destructive team dynamics

Most teams accidentally create an environment that inhibits performance.

Interrupting Each Other

Women are interrupted far more frequently than men in virtually every setting.

Rewarding the Cowboys

People who speak quickly and with confidence often control the conversation and its outcome.

Giving Unequal Airtime

Conversations are often dominated by a small, but vocal, minority even in groups of peers.

Alienating the Quiet Stars

Past a point, folks who are consistently overlooked simply stop contributing to their full potential.


Meet Circles

The video platform that reinforces great team behavior...without being preachy.


Tools that foster diversity

No mic hogging. No voice unheard.

The Circles platform includes a speaker spotlight, a talk timer and a random order generator for prioritizing responses to questions.

These capabilities help ensure that everyone gets to share while enjoying undivided attention. 

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